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These are comments about The Ascent of Media:

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"At the beginning of The Ascent of Media, Roger Parry’s new book tracing how we moved from clay tablets to Apple’s iPad, there is a page of quotations that anyone trying to forecast the media’s future should find sobering….."

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" The shape of the media is constantly altered by changes in technology, lifestyles and fashion, and the media affect all political, commercial, cultural and scientific developments. Roger Parry provides a fascinating narrative of media past, present and future which will inform all practitioners and all who are interested in the development of the zeitgeist and of the great forces in society."
Claire Enders,  Founder Enders Analysis

"Whatever the technology, mankind has always enjoyed a good story. The Ascent of Media tells a cracking story with a cornucopia of insights. Read Roger Parry and you’re equipped to imagine where digital media might take us next."


Peter Bazalgette  TV Producer and President Royal Television Society


"Media are going through huge changes. This book provides a fascinating insight into how we got to where we are now and where media might go next."

James Palumbo is the founder of the Ministry of Sound, and author of Tomas, a best selling satire of man in the media age

"Ascent of Media is a wonderful compendium of the history of all forms of media and the key people responsible for their development. It leaves the reader in no doubt as to its power to influence our opinions and emotions, to leverage commercial and political messages, stimulate the senses and at the same time enhance our productivity. I learnt about the importance of Prosody and Synaethesia for the first time."


Neil Blackley, Director Ingenious Media. Ex Head of UK and European Media Research Merrill Lynch. Number 1 rated media analyst by Extel.


“Roger’s enjoyable, wide-ranging and thought-provoking book should definitely be read by young people entering or thinking of entering the media industry, but also by older people like myself already passionately immersed in it and wrestling daily with the digital monster.”  


Richard Hooper is chairman of the Independent Review of the Postal Services and the former deputy chairman of Ofcom and former Chairman of the Radio Authority.

“The aptly titled Ascent of Media is a must for anyone with even a passing interest in todays vast and exploding world of media.

From students of the industry to the leaders of businesses who may struggle to know how to spend their shareholders advertising money wisely,Roger Parry provides insights into what is really happening in the chaos of the early 2000s.”

Richard Wheatly is Chief Executve of Jazz FM