The Ascent of Media:
 From Gilgamesh to Google via Gutenberg
 The media industry plays a major part in all our lives - influencing politics, culture and commerce.   The media we experience today is the product of more than 3,000 years of development.     

The term mass media only started to be used in the 1940s.   Since 2000 most media (music, text, video etc) has become available as a digital file and can be distributed without a physical product. This has revolutionised the economics of media creating huge problems for established companies and exciting opportunites for innovators. Mass media allowed content to be distributed to huge audiences.  "Social media" increasingly allows members of those audiences to communicate with each other and to access content directly from its creators without an intermediary.


The Ascent of Media describes media’s evolution from clay tablets to the mobile internet.  It profiles the press barons, telegraph pioneers, movie moguls, broadcast tycoons and web visionaries who built an industry and shaped our world.   

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The book is published Nicholas Brealey Publishing   


Controversial Issues

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  • Copyright Digital files are exact replicas of the original - in effect "clones". In the analogue world making copies cost money and often lost quality. In the digital environment we need a ...
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  • Paywalls Is it possible to charge for content on the web?     Alan Rusbridger, Editor of The Guardian, argues that paywalls will not work for web sites offering news ....
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The Ascent of Media  provides a comprehensive guide to the history of media and contains a media timeline. The history of media starts with the cave drawings and runs through clay tablets to the mobile internet and tablet computers.

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